What Kind of Wonder

I see that word
Twice now On the back of a cab As I’m driving around this busy place.
Might have even been a year ago
When I first saw that same cab Maybe he lives near me Or maybe You’re trying to remind me of something
There are two types of wonder
Sometimes you wonder Wonder how it will all work out Wonder if you make the right decisions Focused on the right things Wonder if there is time for this or that
That’s the wrong kind of wonder It implies doubt
Doubt lives in fear It does not live in love
You have a choice What kind of wonder will you live in? Because
I make you wonder
That’s what I hear the Spirit whisper in my ear
I make you wonder – Marvel at how things work    when you least expect Blessings overwhelming
Suddenly the boy makes the travel soccer team The house to rent - sight unseen - that you’re still living in seven years later The perfect fit of a job for your husband after one career had finished
Wonder at the grace of new seasons Wonder where the strength for the daily battles comes from Wonder…

Stop Playing the Game

The balls sit untouched On an empty tennis court The same ballsI kept returning to you. Unintentionally. Unwillingly.
I didn't realize I kept picking them up And hitting them back to you.

Catch the Wind

A sad night ... after making the first cuts and practicing for months - literally, our youngest found out he did not make the JV soccer team this year at high school. I leaned over to kiss your head,
and it was like yesterday.
You were a toddler again 
running to snuggle with me
when you were sad. Now you’re this man child,
Too big to sit on my lap.
And my arms are not the place
you want to run to. I wanted you to make the team 
      It hurts.
And I feel the weight of your disappointment. Because You are so
Coachable. But this stumbling block in the road, 

does.  not.  define.  you. Take it    and learn      and grow.
Like you did the one time you didn’t get a new belt after testing in karate; Sensei said you needed more time and confidence. Like Michael Jordan, who was "too short" at 5'11" to play for his school's JV basketball team as a sophomore. Like countless others who had a goal and a passion and it took a long route to get there. Catch the wind.

You …

Stay Close to Me

The random snow storm in March

has the pug perplexed.

Out of his routine.

You and me both, buddy.
And it's about more than just the weather.

I ponder as the pug 
wanders farther away from me,
trying to find his way out of the mess
of snow and ice.

He doesn't know it's safer
With me.

Close to me.

I will lead him
in a good path
a smooth path.
I will carry him to sure ground
when from his perspective 
there are only mountains of snow.

Follow in my steps
or walk beside me.

Either way.


I can hear the Holy Spirit whisper to me as I'm whispering to the pug. 


As for you, let that abide in you which you heard from the beginning. If what you heard from the beginning abides in you, you also will abide in the Son and in the Father...As for you, the anointing which you received from Him abides in you, and you have no need for anyone to teach you; but as His anointing teaches you about all things, and is true and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you abide in Him. …


Just this picture the other morning.

The morning we found out
new things were on the horizon.

And that life was not going to feel simple
for awhile.

The day of new beginnings.
How appropriate.

Jehovah Shammah - the Lord who is there. 

"Religion is trying to get TO God, but God wants you to rediscover the simplicity of the garden where you enjoy his presence as a child," writes Sylvia Gunter. 

And I just find the desire to keep things simple this past Christmas - no fuss.


*Free from guile and vanity and ostentation
*of humble origin
*SHEER, UNmixed
*free of secondary complications
*constituting a basic element/fundamental
*not divided
*no limited or restricted - unconditional.

I let this wash over me.


The beauty of of light on a leaf.
a sunrise.
a promise.

Be blessed in the name of the one who guides you in paths of righteousness for His name's sake Psalms 23:3

It's not your time?

You're blooming.
 bright pink
  against the blue sky
Light shining on your face 
 as if today 
  were a sunny day 
    in July

It's the end of February,
 not the beginning of Spring

But you don't care
And you don't seem to even take into consideration
 this fact

Because to you,
 the conditions are right.

And that's what makes
 the timing right 
  for you to bloom.

Not chronos time -
 linear, earthly time. 

But kairos time.

God divine time.

Based on alignment
 in His kingdom.


Bending Low

I saw this tree while stuck in traffic on the way to training one morning. A visual reminder of how I feel right now.

Bending over.
Bending low.
That one word "bending" describes this season of life.


It's humbling not knowing everything by experience because I don't have experience in this area of my life, my new job. Or taking my place, wherever I am. At home, at work, with my family, and in life.

So I bend low.
Asking questions of those who have gone before and those who supervise me, ones with experience, and ones whose names I have forgotten for the tenth time.

I bend over.
With the weight of having to look up information and locating the "how to" deal with this and that. I would much rather easily recall it to memory. But I can't yet. I can only process so much newness at a time.

I ask the hard question:
What would love look like?
When I run into someone I knew,
who has hit hard times of accusation.
I could choose to walk away.
But, it wa…