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Wake Up O Sleeper!

When did the journey begin? This journey to becoming a radical one. I'm sure people close to me would think I've lost it by now. My reality is starting to shift to the spiritual realm as opposed to the natural, which has been for so long, all there was. Things are beginning to appear obvious in the spiritual realm, yet I was oblivious to this realm before. I was content to live the peaceful Christian life . . .
And God called: "Wake up O sleeper and rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you." (Ephesians 5:14) This is inside the cover of John Eldredge's book "Waking the Dead." I read it this summer while sitting on the beaches of Maui with nothing to distract me. It was a much needed vacation & ten-year anniversary celebration with my husband. Little did I know God would use this book to prepare my heart as we would be thrust into this realm of walking a spirit-filled life.
Can I just say the veil has been lifted - my spiritual eyes have been fu…

It's Just a Fingertip

It's just a fingertip - that's all that got slammed in the door last Wednesday night. Excruciating pain, immediate bruise, but how bad could it really be? I was about to find out.

The pain lessened only with ibuprofen and ice cold water but the rest of the night was miserable to say the least. Do you realize how hard it is to wrap presents without using your middle finger of your left hand, or button your own pants or help your children get dressed for bed? It's amazing how much a fingertip being out of commission can mess up your life.

Reminds me of how Paul compares each of us in the church to parts of the body. Sometimes I feel like just a fingertip - not even a whole finger - not that important to the church body or so it seems. 1 Corinthians 12:22 says "On the contrary, those parts that seem to be weaker are indispensable" So when I think of all the things that were so much more difficult to do without my finger, all the things that took so much more time . .…