It's Just a Fingertip

It's just a fingertip - that's all that got slammed in the door last Wednesday night. Excruciating pain, immediate bruise, but how bad could it really be? I was about to find out.

The pain lessened only with ibuprofen and ice cold water but the rest of the night was miserable to say the least. Do you realize how hard it is to wrap presents without using your middle finger of your left hand, or button your own pants or help your children get dressed for bed?
It's amazing how much a fingertip being out of commission can mess up your life.

Reminds me of how Paul compares each of us in the church to parts of the body. Sometimes I feel like just a fingertip - not even a whole finger - not that important to the church body or so it seems. 1 Corinthians 12:22 says "On the contrary, those parts that seem to be weaker are indispensable" So when I think of all the things that were so much more difficult to do without my finger, all the things that took so much more time . . . I can't help but focus on what is my role in the body of Christ and am I performing my role? Or am I just making life more difficult for someone else, taking up more of someone else's time by not doing my job. Obviously being a fingertip is not a big, glamorous role. I mean it's not like it's your heart pumping blood, which is life to your whole body. And it's not like it's your brain, regulating everything, but a fingertip is important - just the same - making the daily things of life function smoothly. Something to think about.