Wake Up O Sleeper!

When did the journey begin? This journey to becoming a radical one. I'm sure people close to me would think I've lost it by now. My reality is starting to shift to the spiritual realm as opposed to the natural, which has been for so long, all there was. Things are beginning to appear obvious in the spiritual realm, yet I was oblivious to this realm before. I was content to live the peaceful Christian life . . .
And God called: "Wake up O sleeper and rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you." (Ephesians 5:14) This is inside the cover of John Eldredge's book "Waking the Dead." I read it this summer while sitting on the beaches of Maui with nothing to distract me. It was a much needed vacation & ten-year anniversary celebration with my husband. Little did I know God would use this book to prepare my heart as we would be thrust into this realm of walking a spirit-filled life.
Can I just say the veil has been lifted - my spiritual eyes have been fully opened. I mean, I think I have blinked over few times over the past few years but now they're open and to keep them closed is to deny the depth of relationship with God I've been searching for my whole life.


Beth said…
Awesome! The truth of deep relationship with God is such a journey and hard but oh so worth it. I heard a great, solid, biblical teaching the other day. To grow closer in relationship and heart with Christ is to actually become more normal and less abnormal. Chew on that and its truth! We were CREATED to be imitators of Christ, the closer we get to him the more normal we become. So what the world calls abnormal or weird is actually more normal than they will or could ever be apart from Christ! The world is abnormal and we, with eyes and hearts fixed on Jesus, are growing more normal day by day. SELAH.
I am so excited for you to share your heart and thoughts with us, Kim. I pray you also will be blessed by what appears in black and white (or in color when I write!). Many times I just sit down and type and then read it and God is ministering to me because what I write is but meager offerings. I am truly the vessel through which he pours through. This is my prayer for you as well.
I love you my friend and I cannot wait to read more about the journey God has you on! Blessed be HIS name - in the streams of abundance or in the desert places.