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The Y in the Road

You're on the journey . . . the road has been long and narrow. Suddenly, you have tripped and fallen. When you look up, there is a Y in the road. Which pathway will you choose? You cannot see where either one leads, but this is a pivotal choice! One leads back to where you were destined to go and the other makes a sharp turn up ahead, leading you in a spiral down, down, down.

This Y in the road represents your choice when you've sinned. Maybe it was a decision to walk in the flesh and followed its desires or to not be obedient to what God has asked you to do. But the biggest question remaining is which voice will you listen to? The One that says "You're way too awesome to be doing that because I want the best for you" or . . . "You're such a loser, when are you ever going to get it right"? Have you learned to discern the voices - the One of your loving Father or the one of the enemy who taunts and torments . . .

Conviction comes from the Holy spirit a…

Timing & Roadblocks

Waiting for the road to open - it would be so much easier, so much quicker to use that route - but IT IS NOT FINISHED YET - it is closed off for my use and I must go around. What if I were to cut through . . . might end up hitting something . . . the road is not yet smoothed out and paved . . . might damage my vehicle . . . might get in big trouble since it's illegal . . . might end up prison . . .

So many times God is preparing a way for us - the road He has for us to travel down and maybe he's even let us see glimpses of it. And we so desperately want to go that way, to do his will. But the road isn't finished yet . . . if we jump ahead, we may get hurt because we trip and fall over something that was in the process of being removed. Or we may become imprisoned by the very thing he has for us, if it is not gone through in His timing.

We want things to happen now - we see the end result and we want it instantly - but look at the life of Joseph and many others in the Bible w…

Every Time I Breathe

I am sure all of heaven's heard me cry/As I tell you all the reason why/this life is just too hard/But day by day/without fail/I'm finding everything I need/ and everything that You are/to me

Every time I breath You seem a little bit closer/I never want to leave/I want to stay in Your warm embrace/Oh basking in the glory shining from Your face/And every time I get another glimpse of Your heart/I realize it's true/that You are so marvelous God/and I'm so in love with you

No how could I/after knowing One so great/Respond to You in any way/That's less than all I have to give/but by Your grace I want to love You/not with what I say/but everyday/In a way that my life is lived

Wrapped in your mercy/I want to live and never leave/I am held by how humble/Yet overwhelmed by Your majesty/Captured by grace and now I'm finding/I am free/You are marvelous God/and knowing you is everything!

Fullness of His Love

Do you know the fullness of His love for you - seriously - have you been overwhelmed by the vastness of it . . . I have been completely amazed at His love as I have poured out my love for Him worship singing "You are my everything and I will adore you" and He responds with, "Get this, I ADORE YOU!" Then the other day, our four-year-old went out to say goodbye to Daddy as he went off to work. He followed Daddy out to his truck and proceeded to climb up in the seat with him, to tell him how much he loves him and how he wants to go to work with him. This love for his father and how much my husband did ADORE that - his son just wanting to be with him, to copy his every move, to say what he says, to enjoy his presence . . . it showed me a picture of how much God loves us and longs for us to respond to Him in that same manner.

I've heard it said that a man would climb a mountain/Just to be with the one he loves/How many times has he broken that promise/It has never be…

Will You Keep Going?

TWICE during the past week, I have gotten a terrible side ache as I was jogging in the morning. This RARELY happens to me. I had to stop running, and walk as fast as I could, taking deep, concentrated breaths. But I kept going, knowing that eventually I would be able to jog again. However, I have to admit that I was starting to get really frustrated about it. So I asked God, what are you trying to teach me through this? And before I could get the words out, He said, "Are you willing to keep going with me - even when the enemy throws something at your side that slows you down. Will you keep walking - even when it looks like you're not moving as fast as you used to, knowing you will run again. The enemy intends for you to stop - to throw in the towel, but you and I both know that if you keep going and take deep breaths of my Holy Spirit, you will run again."

God has spoken this message so many times recently in some many ways and through so many people. Look at Nehemiah reb…

What is Your Source?

There is this one tree I see each morning that I go out jogging . . . It stands out from all the others. It's home is lining the street along with many other trees of the same kind. This spring they all started out looking about the same - not too many branches, not too many leaves, and not too alive. But as spring progressed into summer and the branches and leaves grew, this one tree became so very full. It is amazing to me - same location, same type of tree, but this one has a different source of life . . . it is flourishing.

Psalms 52:8&9 But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God. I trust and confidently rely on the loving-kindness and the mercy of God forever and ever. I will thank you and confide in you forever because you have done it (delivered me and kept me safe). I will wait, hope, and expect in your name, for it is good.

Are you Dead Yet?

There is a beautiful flowering plant that grows outside my dining room window. Every morning I look at it; sometimes observing the life - the growth and beauty of the flowers; sometimes observing the death - the dead petals hanging waiting to fall off. The plant can show signs of death and life at the same time. And it occured to me that the petals must become completely dead, hang there and fall off before new growth can even begin or they have to be dead-headed; someone has to pluck them off.

It reminded me of my life . . . God brings me to the place where I am completely dead to self in an area before beautiful things can grow there - His beautiful things. But once it is dead, He can pluck it off and let new life start to grow there.

If you haven't read the poem, Dying to Self by Bill Britton, I encourage you to do a search for it on the internet and read it . . . talk about a mind shift!

Trusting means Letting Go

2 Timothy 1:12 We can know with certainty that He is able to guard what we have entrutsted to Him . . .

If I go on vacation and ask you to take care of my plant and I never give it to you, how can you guard it? How will you water it, feed it, ensure its growth and well-being, even if you agree to do that. If I haven't given you, handed over, let go, entrusted the plant to your care, I haven't enabled you to guard it nor can I expect you to be responsible for its outcome.How can He (the Almighty God who better knows how to guard things) guard it if I haven't entrusted it to Him? God hit me with this verse as my husband went on mission trip to a 3rd world country lately. He travels often with his job in the military and I realized I had been trusting in that institution to keep him safe (because I could more easily communicate with him and knew there were "safe" places for him to go) instead of the Host of the Angel Armies!

Oswald Chambers says our personal property …

It is for Freedom

A youthful lady . . . jogging on sugary white beaches . . . the ocean waves pounding into the sand . . . strips of linen are hanging and flowing from her, blowing in the wind . . . they were wrapped around her but are now coming off . . . strips of linen, the grave clothes that have made it hard to run . . . difficult to run the race set before her when she was bound . . . but now she runs in the freedom that Christ gave her . . . the smile on her face and the joy of the Lord permeates her entire being . . .

GALATIANS 5:1 It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. ISAIAH 61:1 The spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me because He has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives, and release from darkness the prisoners.

2 CORIN. 3:17 Now the Lord is the Spirit and where the spirit of the Lord, is there is freedom.
Do you want to go to the place they call freedom? Do you want to see like the free see? Do…

Crumbling All Around

So my friend from another time (when we were both single and much younger) and beautiful place (eastern side of Washington state) writes me the other day and tells me how every time she turned around the last few days, things were crumbling . . . sometimes there was just a little rubble, but there was also a big crumbling leaving her with a huge "What now?" and "God, how am I to deal with this?"

I shared with her the "train wreck" story from our pastor's wife. What looks like a terrible thing, a train wreck to us, God sees from the mountain top and He knows what that train wreck will bring about. When all is crumbling around us, we have to chose to trust Him, not ourselves, to deal with the crumbling. The dictionary says crumbling means to fall; to decay or to disintegrate gradually. Crumbling in our lives is the result of God shaking us. He is way ahead of the enemy, whose intent is to destroy. In Bait of Satan by John Bevere, there are five reasons f…

Any Better than This?

Sometimes the words of a song just reach out and grab you - time seems to stop - this song by Lighthouse says it all. I cannot be in this new place with God and all He is revealing of Himself, whether through others, Himself or in His word and not be moved (which by the way means to be urged to action). He IS everything all I want, all I need, every thing - I know I don't always live that truth out in my actions, but it is in my head, working it's way through my heart and into my actions . . . Not my will but Yours be done.

find me here/speak to me/I want to feel you/I need to feel you
you are the light/that's leading me/to the place/where I find peace again
you are the strength/that keeps me walking/you are the hope/that keeps me trusting/you are the light/to my soul/you are my purpose/you're everything

how can I stand here with you/and not be moved by you/would you tell me/how could it be/any better than this

cause you're all I want/you're all I need/everything/e…

No Earthly Explanation

My sister left me a message after after receiving her birthday present from me. She says that she got the package and that I should call as soon as I can. A strange tone was in her voice and I knew something funky had happened with the package.

I'm thinking back to that day at the store and the post office and the rush to get that gift as well as Mother's Day gifts mailed off . . . maybe I mixed up her gift and my mom's, I'm thinking. Yet, what I got my mom wouldn't have caused that response in her - she could've thought mom's gift was for her. So I call her back and she says, "I got the package, but I KNOW this isn't what you sent me." So I ask her what she means - what was in the package? She responds with, ". . . A Marilyn Manson CD." "WHAT?!?!" I say in utter amazement!

The desire comes to rationalize how on earth this could have happened . . . But that's the issue. I know you can't rationalize it in an earthly wa…

Your First Love

I awoke quite disturbed from a dream the other morning. It was even more tortuous that it was so similar to one I had a few weeks prior - only one character had changed. I was at a family gathering with my parents and sisters and their families. I was with a former love and there was no indication of my husband or of my children. My former love and I were holding of hands.

YUCK - what was that all about?!?! Why is my brain going there when I am asleep? And to have two dreams that were very similar, except a different former love. I have cut ties. I know that I know that I know that my husband is the man I was to marry.

So I asked God, what is the meaning of all this? And he says "Don't forget your first love - don't go down the road of your previous loves." The next morning I read Jeremiah 3:1 . . . would not the land be completely defiled? But you have lived as a prostitute with many lovers - would you now return to me?' declares the Lord. And verse 3 which says…

Psalm 143 - David's Version & Kim's Response

It had been a dry spell about a month ago - a short period of not feeling the presence of God. Oh, I know he was there and I was seeking, but I felt bombarded by the arrows of the enemy. And God, in his faithfulness, speaks to me one morning through Psalm 143. I couldn't help but weep. It was as if David had written this for me - my thoughts, my struggles were penned by the words he wrote so long ago. Have you been there? Do you know that desperation? (In case it isn't obvious, my words are in CAPS)

O Lord, hear my prayer, HELP ME GOD
listen to my cry for mercy; I KNOW I DON'T DESERVE YOUR MERCY
in your faithfulness and righteousness THIS IS WHO YOU ARE
come to my relief. YOU ARE MY DELIVERER
Do not bring your servant into judgment, THOUGH I SO DESERVE IT
for no one living is righteous before you. NOT EVEN ONE WHO LOOKS MOST RIGHTEOUS
The enemy pursues me, HE IS RELENTLESS
he crushes me to the ground; I AM PRESSED, SQUEEZED, OVERWHELMED
he makes me dwell in darkness…

Lessons from a Young Prayer Warrior

The other day, my four year old son climbed in my lap and asked me to pray for him because he had a runny nose. What childlike faith! Of course, he is a child . . . but what an awesome picture! He could have asked for so many other things: can I have some medicine for my runny nose or just sat there and complained. But he knew to turn to the Almighty God. Sometime later that same day, he prays for his sister who also has a runny nose and for his brother, whose hand got hurt at Karate. He laid down on the floor, head bowed. His words were not eloquent, just simple words of faith to the God who heals. And as my daughter pointed out, he was thanking God as if she had already been healed. I know God heard his prayers and so did I!

"Dangerously Close"

God's revelation as I am out jogging . . .

I'm on my usual path, rounding the final corner where I get to a turn around spot. As I glance down to that point, I see a white car. Unusual. It's 6:45 a.m. The sun is just coming up. And there's a big orchard at the end of the sidewalk where I turn around for home. What to do . . . do I turn around now, as it maybe be dangerous ahead, or do I go a little closer. So I jog a little farther to see that there might be lights, as in the lights of a police car, on top. But I am not convinced - it could be a disguise. In the back of my mind is the thought that I can still turn around early if need be. I jog a little farther and see that there really are lights on to of the vehicle and markings on the side, which confirms that it is indeed a police car - yes, I am safe, I can continue on. I recognize that that was an authentic police car and not a vehicle of hidden danger . . .

It's like the manifestations of God and his presence …

More than Enough

At the grocery store one day last fall, I was just dragging . . . sure could use a pick-me-up like Starbucks and God says to me, is all of me not more than enough for you - I can be your Starbucks, your pick-me-up . . .

You are my supply/my breath of live/still more awesome than I know
You are my reward/worth living for/still more awesome than I know

All of you/is more than enough for/all of me/for every thirst and every need/you satisfy me/with your love/and I all I have in you/is more than enough

You're my sacrifice/of greatest price/still more awesome than I know
You're my coming king/you are everything/still more aweseome than I know

More than all I want/more than all I need/You are more than enough for me
More than all I know/more than all I can say/You are more than enough for me