"Dangerously Close"

God's revelation as I am out jogging . . .

I'm on my usual path, rounding the final corner where I get to a turn around spot. As I glance down to that point, I see a white car. Unusual. It's 6:45 a.m. The sun is just coming up. And there's a big orchard at the end of the sidewalk where I turn around for home. What to do . . . do I turn around now, as it maybe be dangerous ahead, or do I go a little closer. So I jog a little farther to see that there might be lights, as in the lights of a police car, on top. But I am not convinced - it could be a disguise. In the back of my mind is the thought that I can still turn around early if need be. I jog a little farther and see that there really are lights on to of the vehicle and markings on the side, which confirms that it is indeed a police car - yes, I am safe, I can continue on. I recognize that that was an authentic police car and not a vehicle of hidden danger . . .

It's like the manifestations of God and his presence that I just don't understand yet. I see them off in the distance and maybe that makes me want to run the other way. . . maybe these things are not even of God. So I get a little closer to them and match it up with what I know of God and his character. And because I am getting to know God deeper and deeper, I can recognize what is of him and what isn't. But I can't just run from these things; I've got to watch and observe and know the character of God.

What actions look strange or maybe not even of God to you? Are you getting "dangerously close" to God just like Ruth slept at the threshing floor at the feet of Boaz after gleaning in his fields. (Ruth 3:7-9) They are later married and she gives birth to Obed, who was the father of Jesse who was the father of David.


Beth said…
WHEW. You have some powerful, deep intense stuff to propose and share.
Isn't that the downfall of Christianity and authentic relationship? Putting God in a box and telling him how he can or can't present himself?
Guilty as charged BUT his grace givs me a new start daily (Lamentations 3 for that promise!).
As I get older - and I am so serious when I say with age comes wisdom! - I realize more and more the powerful presence of God in people I had previously dismissed because of differing perspectives on doctrine, etc. Oh, how that must grieve the heart of God. I am enjoying and excited about this new found freedom to love people and accept people of different denominations and realize we agree on the majors and that's all that really counts.
Hey, we are to be iron that sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17).
Kim, you pose a great question! What appears strange to me - is it God outside of the box I have unknowingly put him in or is it the enemy seeking for whom he may devour? I think of that question in regards to my current church situation. My prayer team cannot understand why I am still there, they are banging their heads on the wall over it. My family doesn't get it, and the unbelievers in my family are REALLY ticked off. My husband and I don't get why God has not, will not, does not release us from the muck and mire the situation has become. And yet...
Kenya and June 13 loom and God has told me to get on that plane.
Some would say it is the enemy, others would say what God says and does never makes sense to us. So we stay and wait on God. Sometimes when we don't get what God is doing or why and it seems so strange to us, the best thing to do is to be still before him and wait. He will always be faithful to show us the way. In Isaiah he promises to tell us which way to go - the right or the left. And that includes aspects of his character that we just don't understand or see yet. He will always be faithful to direct us to his heart and who he is.