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Any Better than This?

Sometimes the words of a song just reach out and grab you - time seems to stop - this song by Lighthouse says it all. I cannot be in this new place with God and all He is revealing of Himself, whether through others, Himself or in His word and not be moved (which by the way means to be urged to action). He IS everything all I want, all I need, every thing - I know I don't always live that truth out in my actions, but it is in my head, working it's way through my heart and into my actions . . . Not my will but Yours be done.

find me here/speak to me/I want to feel you/I need to feel you
you are the light/that's leading me/to the place/where I find peace again
you are the strength/that keeps me walking/you are the hope/that keeps me trusting/you are the light/to my soul/you are my purpose/you're everything

how can I stand here with you/and not be moved by you/would you tell me/how could it be/any better than this

cause you're all I want/you're all I need/everything/e…

No Earthly Explanation

My sister left me a message after after receiving her birthday present from me. She says that she got the package and that I should call as soon as I can. A strange tone was in her voice and I knew something funky had happened with the package.

I'm thinking back to that day at the store and the post office and the rush to get that gift as well as Mother's Day gifts mailed off . . . maybe I mixed up her gift and my mom's, I'm thinking. Yet, what I got my mom wouldn't have caused that response in her - she could've thought mom's gift was for her. So I call her back and she says, "I got the package, but I KNOW this isn't what you sent me." So I ask her what she means - what was in the package? She responds with, ". . . A Marilyn Manson CD." "WHAT?!?!" I say in utter amazement!

The desire comes to rationalize how on earth this could have happened . . . But that's the issue. I know you can't rationalize it in an earthly wa…