No Earthly Explanation

My sister left me a message after after receiving her birthday present from me. She says that she got the package and that I should call as soon as I can. A strange tone was in her voice and I knew something funky had happened with the package.

I'm thinking back to that day at the store and the post office and the rush to get that gift as well as Mother's Day gifts mailed off . . .
maybe I mixed up her gift and my mom's, I'm thinking. Yet, what I got my mom wouldn't have caused that response in her - she could've thought mom's gift was for her. So I call her back and she says, "I got the package, but I KNOW this isn't what you sent me." So I ask her what she means - what was in the package? She responds with, ". . . A Marilyn Manson CD." "WHAT?!?!" I say in utter amazement!

The desire comes to rationalize how on earth this could have happened . . . But that's the issue. I know you can't rationalize it in an earthly way. But I ask the question anyway . . . "Was it my package, in my handwriting?" and she said yes. She tells me that the package had a stamp on it saying it was resealed at the post office in the town she lives in. Also, the card I sent her was in there as well as a calendar I sent my niece. I'm still tripping out! She wonders if I might have gotten someone else's stuff in my bag at the store. "Karen," I say, "do you know what I got you for your birthday? Do you know that
I did not even buy a CD that day? I bought you a Joyce Meyer devotional book! I was at the store, asking God what He wanted me to get you for your birthday and there's the book - it stands out to me. I put it in a brand new bubble envelope package and seal it myself - tightly - at the post office!" There is no reason for the package to come open. No one is searching among all the packages at the post office for a devotional book so they can play a trick on someone by putting that CD in there. WHATEVER! "Karen, do you realize that God wanted you to have that book and the enemy didn't!" Yet she still hopes for the post office to explain what happened or for me to offer up some plausible, earthly explanation . . . but there is none.

What does the enemy really think he is getting in this deal? I mean really - like she was going to play the CD - NOT! Two benefits come to mind. First, it lets me know that I hear from God and the enemy doesn't like it. Second, it has made it so obvious that the enemy is as real as God is. This pushes all of my family out of their rational minds to try to explain it! The truth is the spiritual realm is as real as the earthly realm.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Galatians 6:12


kb said…
Kim- I so know it was the work of Satan and trying to explain it otherwise is of the earthly realm, as you were saying. It's just human nature to explain things, to rationalize in our(my) head what's going on. However, if we(I) am able to get to that point that our(my) spiritual eyes are open and we(I) am looking at everything vertically (the spiritual world above us) and not horizontally (the earthly world) we(I) wouldn't need explainations for anything. I know God has a reason and plan for everything. He allows Satan to have control over earthly things and that's the only way he(Satan) can try to undermine God in our eyes. I'm obviously not to the point of constantly looking at things in the spiritual realm but I think another reason God allowed this to happen was to get me moving to that point. Some where along the line in all of this, I pictured a short, miniature devil type person standing on the counter in the back of the post office opening the package you sent, pulling out the book, and laughing as he put the CD in. My thought drifts, and once again here I go somewhat rationalizing things, but there was no store sticker on the CD. It was still in shrink wrap but had no indication of where it came from . . . and then I open my spiritual eyes and know it was from Satan.
Mama Mia! said…
I just found your blog! and yes, the words of that song, Everything, ring so true in my heart, too! I love when a song expresses your heart better than you can. Redeeming Love is my all-time favorite book, I sobbed through half of it! I love hearing your tender heart - it's refreshing!