Are you Dead Yet?

There is a beautiful flowering plant that grows outside my dining room window. Every morning I look at it; sometimes observing the life - the growth and beauty of the flowers; sometimes observing the death - the dead petals hanging waiting to fall off. The plant can show signs of death and life at the same time. And it occured to me that the petals must become completely dead, hang there and fall off before new growth can even begin or they have to be dead-headed; someone has to pluck them off.

It reminded me of my life . . . God brings me to the place where I am completely dead to self in an area before beautiful things can grow there - His beautiful things. But once it is dead, He can pluck it off and let new life start to grow there.

If you haven't read the poem, Dying to Self by Bill Britton, I encourage you to do a search for it on the internet and read it . . . talk about a mind shift!


benology said…
Very good insights. If you liked the Dying to Self, you should get the book titled "A Tale of Three Kings" by Gene Edwards. Very impacting.