Trusting means Letting Go

2 Timothy 1:12 We can know with certainty that He is able to guard what we have entrutsted to Him . . .

If I go on vacation and ask you to take care of my plant and I never give it to you, how can you guard it? How will you water it, feed it, ensure its growth and well-being, even if you agree to do that. If I haven't given you, handed over, let go, entrusted the plant to your care, I haven't enabled you to guard it nor can I expect you to be responsible for its outcome.

How can He (the Almighty God who better knows how to guard things) guard it if I haven't entrusted it to Him? God hit me with this verse as my husband went on mission trip to a 3rd world country lately. He travels often with his job in the military and I realized I had been trusting in that institution to keep him safe (because I could more easily communicate with him and knew there were "safe" places for him to go) instead of the Host of the Angel Armies!

Oswald Chambers says our personal property and possessions (I include spouse, children and relatives too) are to be a matter of indifference to us and our hold on these things should be very loose. How loose? Well, as our pastor's wife says, don't be the kid holding on to the slimy dirty old toy when God has got the whole toy store at His disposal.

What do you need to trust Him with and let go of so He can give you more of Himself?