The Y in the Road

You're on the journey . . . the road has been long and narrow. Suddenly, you have tripped and fallen. When you look up, there is a Y in the road. Which pathway will you choose? You cannot see where either one leads, but this is a pivotal choice! One leads back to where you were destined to go and the other makes a sharp turn up ahead, leading you in a spiral down, down, down.

This Y in the road represents your choice when you've sinned. Maybe it was a decision to walk in the flesh and followed its desires or to not be obedient to what God has asked you to do. But the biggest question remaining is which voice will you listen to? The One that says "You're way too awesome to be doing that because I want the best for you" or . . . "You're such a loser, when are you ever going to get it right"? Have you learned to discern the voices - the One of your loving Father or the one of the enemy who taunts and torments . . .

Conviction comes from the Holy spirit and God is the God of restoration when you ask forgivness from your heart. His shed blood removes the stain of sin on our garment. Do you realize that the moment you listen to condemnation you have taken a very sharp turn off the path God has for your life and it will spiral you down to the pit of hell?

Conviction or Condemnation, which will you chose?