Here in Your Presence

Here in your presence, we are undone. Here in your presence, heaven and earth become one. Here in your presence – all things are new. Here in your presence – everything bows before You… these are words from a song by Desperation Band . . . Brother Lawrence says to “Recognize God as being intimately present within us” (wherever you are), “and you will form the habit of continuously conversing with God. Then your only happiness will come from doing God’s will – whether pleasure or pain. You will become faithful in dry times or not, in actions and renouncing of self. Guard our souls” (mind, will, emotions) “to succeed in giving ourselves to God as much as He desires . . . when we are willing to accept God’s help and guard our souls according to His desires, we may commune with him whenever we like.” In Psalm 57:7-8, David cries out to God: My heart (centre) is fixed, my heart is steadfast. Awake (raise up, stir up) my soul (mind, will, emotions) . . . he is telling his soul (mind, will, emotions that he has charge over) to line up with his spirit (his center - Jesus as Truth) How often we must cry out too and stir up or awaken our mind, will and emotions to the Truth, who is Jesus and what he says, not what we feel, not what we think or not what we want.


what if we walked like he really was within us (He is but do we believe it seems to be the question) anyway, and if we were like..."what do you want to do today/right now" all the time. Imagining that we were His own personal tour guide or sponsor to the exact places in this world that we have been placed(His eyes, His hands, His ears). Wow the adventures we'd have!