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The kids have been into doing puzzles lately. I love how the Father speaks through the things of your life . . . to teach you, to lead you, to guide you and to remind you how much He loves you.

My life: your puzzle, your pieces, your timing. In a conversation with my Mom, those words came out of my mouth before I could even process them. I knew the Holy Spirit was trying to speak something to me. And it does seem as is my life is a puzzle; one that from my point of view looks like . . . a big unorganized mess. But You Lord, are putting it together, You hold the pieces, You know when and where each piece goes. You know what it looks like when it is finished and the beauty of a picture uncomparable to any other.

As a child needs help with a difficult puzzle, You show me how a certain piece can fit here or maybe there. As a child must hold the finished product in front of them, You show me how I must hold You and the wholeness of my life in You, in front of me always or I will get off cou…