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A Dark Night

Beloved, I have gone before you to make crooked places straight and rough places smooth. It has been crooked and rough lately. It may not seem like it, but the fact is that it would be virtually impossible for you to navigate this spiritual terrain without My help.I am so bad about asking for help, even from my heavenly Father sometimes and He is pointing this out. He is allowing situations where there is nothing else to do, but ask for help, because I cannot do it on my own strength/ability.I am not surprised by the things that challenge you, nor am I worried that you will not come through, for I am with you to bring you to new heights.This is encouraging, because if I look at my feelings, I feel as if I will not come through, nor will the road get any higher.The path is narrow, and there is no other way to arrive at this level of spiritual maturity than the way you have come, says the Lord. Trust Me and keep pressing on." I trust you Lord, help me to trust you more. Isaiah 40:4…