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Hermit Crabs & Habitation

Once again, I am amused at how the Holy Spirit speaks to me . . . this time it was through a hermit crab.

Hermit crabs have a shell on them 24/7 - it's their habitation, their protection, their refuge. Their head and little pinchers come out enabling them to move around and do their thing, but they are never separated from their shell . . . their dwelling, it's part of who they are. The reason a hermit crab stay inside most of the time is that he is in desperate need of moisture and is all about conserving what he does have. He loves to come out in the rain to take full advantage of the moisture. This shell, this dwelling place, provides complete mobility, and protection. It has no holes to let danger in and the shell allows the crab to withdraw completely, to a safe place.

So what's your dwelling place? Psalm 91:2 says because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge, your dwelling place, your habitation, no evil shall befall you, no plague shall come near your dwelling; …

Everlasting Arms

Deut. 33:27 The eternal God is your refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms.

The Father's ArmsArms of the Father - the reigning great I AmArms that are eternal - without beginning or an endArms that reach out to hold you, as you are still running towards home Arms that never tire, strength so matchless, so unknownArms to roll the burdens onto, whether a big or a little oneArms that can hold it all together, nothing coming undoneArms that extend a gentle hand, wiping away the tears Arms that provide complete security, vanishing all your fearsArms that are beneath you, now matter how low you feel you go Arms that speak: "I love you" more than you could ever knowAnd so my response is nothing other than: just like a child, I run straight to your arms . . . Just like a child, You keep me safe from all harm. Just like a little child.The last few words came to me years ago and I couldn't let them out of my head - over the years God has used that same picture and spoke…

I lift my eyes up

The craziest thing happened the other week with my oldest son - he had spent a lot of time staring down at his little TV and basically, his eye muscles got strained from looking down for too long. It got to the point where he couldn't look down any more without pain or blurriness and he had to rest his eyes. He had to keep his eyes looking level or above.

It's comical at times, how God speaks through the circumstances of our lives. Both him and I have moments or periods of time where we are too focused on what is around us at the moment or what used to be (the whole looking down thing) and it was beginning to cause pain. I know there is a grieving process going on (like something died when we left California), but God was reminding me to look at the blessings that are right here right now and to look ahead to the plans He has for us (not just at the little TV). But I cannot remain looking down or just at the one thing. If I do, I will trip over what is right in front of me or m…

Almost drowning . . . Living from the Heart

We were at the beach yesterday, packing up to go home because a storm was brewing - lightening and thunder in rapid succession. I hear the panicked scream of a mom and another relative as a little boy got overwhelmed in the water, he was in over his head . . .

There is that moment of quick decision . . . "Do I jump in?" Do I stay?" . . . or the thought that "There are plenty of other people around, someone will help them" . . .but will they? Why am I here at this moment in time?So I jump in, fully clothed and about to be fully soaking wet, but what does that matter in relation to a life. Not being a lifeguard, it seems strange to me that this is the third time in several years where I've been in a situation where someone is "in over their head." God, what do you have to say about this?

There are many crying out to God to save them . . . to save their heart . . .
Save me O God, for the waters have come up to my neck! I sink into deep mire. There is …

Beauty of the Dusk before the night

How beautiful the sunset is, yet it is the time right before darkness . . . I was pondering this when I thought of the "dark" nights that God leads you through . . . where only His light can illuminate. You may long for the bright light of the day, or even the beauty of the dusk, but now it is pitch black and you can only trust. The beauty now is that You know whose Hand holds you and guides you and that He is totally worthy of your trust - in fact He is the only One worthy of your complete (total) trust. Whether He pacifies the storm or beckons you to come to Him on the waters, He is your HOPE. Truly my soul silently waits for God; from Him comes my salvation (deliverance, victory). He ONLY is my Rock and my Salvation, He is my defense; I shall not be greatly moved. Psalm 62:1-2