Everlasting Arms

Deut. 33:27 The eternal God is your refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms.

The Father's Arms

Arms of the Father - the reigning great I Am

Arms that are eternal - without beginning or an end

Arms that reach out to hold you, as you are still running towards home

Arms that never tire, strength so matchless, so unknown

Arms to roll the burdens onto, whether a big or a little one

Arms that can hold it all together, nothing coming undone

Arms that extend a gentle hand, wiping away the tears

Arms that provide complete security, vanishing all your fears

Arms that are beneath you, now matter how low you feel you go

Arms that speak: "I love you" more than you could ever know

And so my response is nothing other than: just like a child, I run straight to your arms . . . Just like a child, You keep me safe from all harm. Just like a little child.

The last few words came to me years ago and I couldn't let them out of my head - over the years God has used that same picture and spoke on that same thought and He has been showing me that there is nothing too hard for Him, His arms are strong and yet they are so tender and gentle - He can carry it all . . . how often 'I' try to carry it all!