Waiting . . .

"Waiting on God brings us to our journey's end quicker than our feet."

The Thunderbirds were here for an open house performance the other week because the previous week's Air Show was cancelled due to a tropical storm/cyclone looming our way. So that was a miracle in and of itself - they were able to come back, the following week. Well, the weather was a bit strange the day of the Open House too - and just as they get in the jets with all the pomp and circumstance and taxi down to the end the runway, you can't help but notice the very low clouds overshadowing the sky. Of the clouds, there is no end in sight. The Thunderbirds are out there waiting ... can you image what is going through their minds ... the Lead has got to make the call - do we go or do we not go ... do we WAIT ... can you imagine how hard that must be, to sit there in that jet, all geared up and ready to go, not to be able to go anywhere until you have the clearance.

I remember praying, not my will but Your's and it seems silly on one hand to be praying for the Thunderbirds but He loves us and the details of our lives. Your Dad doesn't choose not to hear you because it is too silly - because it's important to you, it becomes important to him . . . anyway, I felt "it's not time . . . yet."

That is why this picture is so beautiful to me. After what seems like an eternity (it was 45 minutes to an hour - which is still a long time for them), you could see movement at the end of the runway ... they were getting into formation - it's a go! The restless crowd turns their attention to the "sound of freedom." A beautiful performance and right in the middle appears this rainbow - as if to say "I keep my promise - my word stands true - it does not return to me void." And that goes for his written word in the Bible and His spoken word to us.

And I thought of how many things in this season of my life there have been lately to wait on God for ... my tendency is to "get 'er done," not wanting to put off until tomorrow what can be done today. It goes against the grain of every fiber in my being sometimes, this waiting thing. But timing is everything ... as I am learning in the study of Esther, timing is crucial and for reasons unbeknown to us, we often must WAIT. As my favorite devotional Streams in the Desert so wisely points out "Waiting upon God is necessary in order to see Him to have a vision of Him. The time element in vision is essential . . . in order to have God revealed (on our hearts) we must sit at His feet a long time. The troubled surface of a lake will not reflect an object."

So WHAT have I been waiting for? Many things . . . Like waiting for Kayle to get clearance to play sports here . . . waiting for the decision, waiting for the technician to get back, waiting for the appointment . . . and the final outcome, he's clear but not much time left to play football. God's providence prevails - He did not allow him to play. And there is waiting for traffic, waiting for hours in line to renew your vehicle registration, for so many other things that are just things. There are big things and spiritual things too, but He has gotten my attention with the little things. Wait on the LORD, and keep His way. Psalm 37:34

But WHAT has HE been waiting for? My still, quiet heart that is untroubled like that lake surface, so I can reflect Him no matter what the circumstance or situation. Therefore will the Lord wait, that He may be gracious unto you. Is. 30:18

"Waiting exercises our grace; waiting tries our faith; therefore wait on in hope, for though the promise tarry it can never come too late." Charles Spurgeon