Little birds

There was a little bird outside my window today. He was sitting on the back of a chair, hesitating . . .

Lately during my quiet times early in the morning, I have the sense that I have company . . . noisy, little company. There seems to be a lot of commotion outside by the vent from the stove, which is across from my chair in the living room. I thought about how the last few mornings, I have seen several little birds flocking around there, close to the kitchen window. Surely they can't be flying in that opening - there is supposed to be a protective screen on it. So the other night when I was outside, I went to see if there was any way they could be getting through the protective screen. Sure enough there was a small hole . . . and the thought came to me: that's NOT a safe place to rest, that's NOT a safe place to make a home, that's NOT a safe place to camp out.

The Holy Spirit quickened within me . . . "And how often do you find yourself making a home, camping out or resting where it is not safe?" Where are your thoughts, your emotions, your actions . . . all day long, are they resting on the knowledge of who Jesus is? THE truth, MY shield and buckler. My shelter is to be the Lord God Almighty for He shall cover me with His feathers, and under His wings I shall take refuge. (Ps. 91:4) For I am God's beloved and dwell in safety (provided) by Him. He shelters me all the day long (and some are very long) and I shall dwell between His shoulders. Deut. 33:12 MSG