Existing to be alive

"I've been existing . . . I want to be alive" This quote stood out to me the other night as the family sat down for our weekly Friday night pizza and movie. It's from the movie Wall-E, which we had seen when it came out on the big screen but we were watching this time in the comfort of our own home. Thinking back, I remembered this quote, and all the spiritual connotations of the movie . . .how large and out of shape everyone up in space got because they had gotten comfortable where they were but it was all so much more poignant this time because that is what I have been feeling lately . . . I've been existing, but not living the abundant life Christ has called me to and provided for me. He says in John 10:10b "I have come that you might have life - and have it more abundantly." Christ is the very One who called us to abundant effective life and commanded us to splash in the cool waters of His love.

Abundant means plentiful, abounding with, rich, and full supply . . . that sounds like a lot more than just existing! Existing is almost like being a non-living thing. It's comical that Gavin's class is studying living and non-living things and how a living thing starts from a seed that dies and then is able to grow given the right environment. . . .this Red Ginger torch flower is alive . . . and yes, the seed had to die to be able to grow. But now it is alive and living abundantly, basking in the sunlight, having soaked up the rain and nutrients from the soil and plenty of fresh clean air.

A few weeks ago, we talked about chiastic structure in bible study and were supposed to come up with one of our own . . . don't worry - it's just a fancy name for reversal of destiny or fortune. For example, there is the phrase "Don't live to eat. Eat to live." So the one I came up with, not just to write down, but because it had become real to me is: "Don't be alive just to exist; exist so that you may be alive."

But why do I live so not alive?

There's one option - I've become too comfortable. As Song of Songs 5 talks of going out in search of your beloved in the middle of the night; are you willing to go out in search of your beloved when you just got comfortable? OUCH! And then there is my focus: sometimes my eyes become too focused on my circumstances or just the daily grind . . . I had lost sight of my first love . . . that puppy dog love. I still remember the day in Sam's Club last year when I saw Sleeping Beauty on the shelf and the Holy Spirit quicken me with "My people are asleep . . . only true love's kiss will wake them!" Zechariah 4:1 says "the angel who talked with me returned and wakened me, as a man who is wakened from his sleep." A kiss is defined as a slight touch or contact . . . The spirit (wind) blows lightly and takes you by surprise . . . If you seek me with your whole heart, you'll find me. When my eyes are focused down here on circumstances or stuff or feelings, I am not seeking Him with my whole heart.

Be blessed with living life energized with wonder - every moment an opportunity to find Him; His truth, His presence.

"To live for the greatness of God is to live the great life." Beth Moore

"God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him." John Piper