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Immeasurably more . . . Pizza?

Interesting title . . . and what's even more funny is the correlation between these two things.

Last night I made a quick order for a Pizza Mia for my hubby and the kids. I had one pizza already made, but knew it wouldn't feed a hungry teenager plus his two younger siblings, not to mention my hubby, hence the order. A Pizza Mia is a great deal - medium one topping for a great price. They got my phone number, verified the last name, repeated the order, gave me the total and off I went to a class. My hubby went to pick it up on his way home. Got it covered.

And this is where it gets funny . . . I came home to see a Big New Yorker box on the counter AND leftover pizza and bread sticks in the fridge . . . what happened I asked? Did you change the order? What was the total - way more than what it should have been?

The answer I got was: I don't know. No, I didn't change the order - it took awhile, but they were busy. They called our name and handed me the big pizza & bread …

Humble King song

God Most High,
sent His son to earth
yet born a humble birth
such amazing worth

You are my shelter
and under your wings will I dwell
You are my portion
and my soul declares "It is well"

You are my refuge
You are my fortress
and You are my humble King

Fighting the Good Fight

1 Timothy 6 says to FIGHT the GOOD fight and 1 Peter 2:20-21 says to THIS you were called. 1 & 2 Timothy speaks of unfeigned faith: not pretended, but genuine. What ... to FIGHT?!?! Seriously?!?!? Do you know what fight means? To consume, to battle, to make war, to destroy, to devour, to overcome, and to prevail.

To make war. It IS a fight - like it or not! I really don't care to watch fighting, but as my husband and son would attest, what fun is watching the fight or what's the point if it was one sided - the other guy didn't fight back, didn't defend, didn't attack?

To battle. And I think about this walk with Christ . . . What a fight it is! Fighting all the distractions, fighting the lies of the enemy, fighting the soul (mind, will, emotions) to be with Him, to chose Him, to honor Him, above all, in all.

To consume. "Never let the toils and cares of the day rob you of this sweet fellowship with Me," says Francis J. Roberts in Come Away my Beloved. &qu…