Immeasurably more . . . Pizza?

Interesting title . . . and what's even more funny is the correlation between these two things.

Last night I made a quick order for a Pizza Mia for my hubby and the kids. I had one pizza already made, but knew it wouldn't feed a hungry teenager plus his two younger siblings, not to mention my hubby, hence the order. A Pizza Mia is a great deal - medium one topping for a great price. They got my phone number, verified the last name, repeated the order, gave me the total and off I went to a class. My hubby went to pick it up on his way home. Got it covered.

And this is where it gets funny . . . I came home to see a Big New Yorker box on the counter AND leftover pizza and bread sticks in the fridge . . . what happened I asked? Did you change the order? What was the total - way more than what it should have been?

The answer I got was: I don't know. No, I didn't change the order - it took awhile, but they were busy. They called our name and handed me the big pizza & bread sticks. Same total you told me . . . insisted it was my order . . .
STRANGE! That doesn't happen.

Funny how we ask for what we need or something good, but God has something more to say about it. Immeasurably more (exceedingly, abundantly says the New Kings James Version) than you can ask or imagine . . . How often we limit our prayers or how we are content with just enough, and He says MORE - I have more available for you, you asked for a medium pizza and I have the big New Yorker for you and some bread sticks on the side, just because I love you!

Lord I pray that I would be so excited about what you give me, knowing that you give immeasurably more, not just in the natural realm, but in the spiritual realm - your treasures - and that I would declare "Unto Him be glory by Christ Jesus forever and ever."