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Lessons learned in yardwork . . .

A beautiful sunny day ... it was not too humid yet so went out to work on a few things - weeding, trimming bushes. So here are the three thoughts that were revealed to me as I worked and allowed the Holy Spirit to speak - to teach and guide and to remind me just like He came to do. . . it helps that I had my "listening ears" on as we so often tell our children or as adults would say "I was tuned into" Him.

First, weeds come up easier when soil is wet. There was a whole patch of them and it just looked ugly! I hadn't looked in this spot in awhile. Not long ago there were a few, but now - boy, was it overrun! The weeds weren't coming up at all, unless they had shallow roots. They needed to be watered, to let the water seep down into the soil and loosen the roots. And isn't that what the Lord does with us when He shines the spotlight (His water) on an area of your life or heart and allows time for the soil to get ready for the roots to be pulled up. He does…

The Blank Check . . .

The kids recently watched a movie with this title. It caught my attention as it reminded me of this quoet about prayer and God's word:

There is hardly an position more utterly beautiful, strong or safe, than to put the finger upon some promise of the divine word and claim it.There need be no anguish or struggle or wrestling; we simply present the check and ask for cash, produce the promise and claim its fulfillment; nor can there be any doubt as to the issue. It would give much interest to prayer, if we were more definite.STREAMS IN THE DESERT

1 Chronicles 17:23-24 do as thou has said...that Thy name may be magnified forever.

Walk with Me - Seek Me

...not only have I come to guide you; lead and teach you, but I have come to walk with you ... allow Me to walk with you. Understand that even though you do not deem yourself perfected I will still walk with you ... So come and enjoy the journey for it will be a great adventure in these days...But determine that you will experience it with great joy and with great peace; for this is My kingdom within you, says the Lord God Almighty.-M. BURNS

My Father God, has been speaking with me about seeking Him . . . it has been a really strong theme the past few weeks. Just this morning I felt the urge to go down to the beach . . . so many other things I could be doing/needed to catch up on, but they will still be there - didn't have any appointments except apparently one I didn't know about ... the one that was not on MY calendar -- spending an hour at the beach with my Lord. I have to share that the practical and logical in me has won the battle for so many years . . . and this is what …