But as for me . . .

But as for me, I am filled with power, with the Spirit of the LORD, and with justice and might. MICAH 3:8a

But as for me . . . once again I was out jogging on a beautiful sunny but humid already Saturday morning. There is another gal out jogging too - pushing a stroller, and younger than me by at least 15 years . . . hmmm, this sounds like the beginning of a blog entry from a couple years ago - this one's a little different, but it is comical how God will use the same type of scenario to remind me of something - think He is trying to make a point :-)

But as for me . . . I don't think of myself as a competitive person - but oh how I compare! That is the message of this morning jogging story . . . so back to the story - the jogger is keeping pace with me or should I say I was keeping pace with her . . . I remember those days - of pushing the jogger stroller - how much more work than being out alone now, and then she passes me . . . and I'm thinking "She is pushing a stroller, up hill, in the wind. I should be faster; I have less resistance."

But as for me . . . Kim - stop looking where she is, where I've put her, what I have given her to push at the point and what you have or have not to push . . . this is not a race to see who gets to the destination or the end of the road first . . . how well did you run along the way?

But as for me . . . I have to admit - it was not a pleasant run - it was hard - I waited too late in the morning to go and it was hotter, which slows me down. The wind was in my face at this point and it had been several days since I had run . . . all these things make it a little harder to go at a faster pace.

But as for me . . . But the Lord knows that - He knows where I've been and what has gone on and how He is leading me . . . it reminds me of what I read in Come Away the other morning - "Don't worry about where or when but How" . . . how is He involved.

But as for me . . . not "as for the other gal," not "as for the younger," not as for anyone else - just like it says in Micah 3:8 - as for ME! I need to focus on my Lord and savior and know what is true for me ... because of who He is and what He has done . . . and that determines who I am and where I am!

But as for me . . . in the Psalms, the writer continuously repeats this message. Psalm 35:13 But as for me ... I humbled myself; Psalm 26:11 But as for me, I shall walk in integrity; Psalm 71:14 But as for me, I shall always have hope.

Lord, may I be so focused on You, may You be the object of my gaze so that but as for me becomes the only way.