The Precipice

Prec-i-pice (pres-uh-pis) n. 1. An overhanging or extremely steep mass of rock, such as a crag or the face of a cliff. 2. The brink of a dangerous or disastrous situation

We went for a walk the other night. Searching for a new path, a different view of this massive ocean that surrounds us. This is what we found! We walked through what appeared to be the crater of an ancient volcano and followed the path. Right up to the edge. Standing on the edge, the precipice - it felt like the edge of the world . . . one more step and I'm gone.

And the thought, the question of the day, the prompting and searching of the Holy Spirit: how often it FEELS that way. "I'm on the edge ... Lord, don't you see me here? If I take one more step I'm gone. I'm going off the 'deep end' never to be found again."

And He says incredulously, "REALLY?!" (You're going with what you FEEL on this - not what you KNOW?)

Because this is what I KNOW:

The One who says I know all the days ordained for you I wrote them in my book before one of them came to be. PSALM 139:16

The One who says I saw you when you were formed in the secret place. PSALM 139:15

The One who says I know the plans I have for you. JEREMIAH 29:11

And why do I act like I am on the brink of a dangerous of disastrous situation?

So I read in Springs in the Valley "There must be the full confidence that we are safe in this abandonment; that we are not falling over a precipice . . . but that we are sinking into the Fathers' arms and stepping into an infinite inheritance . . . Oh it is an infinite privilege to be permitted thus to give ourselves up to One who pledge Himself to make us all that we would love to be - all that His infinite wisdom, power and love will delight to accomplish in us!

So He says "step into My love, step into My arms, step into My plans, step into My ways. I see right where you are. I know you are looking at what's right in front of you and you can't see what I can see. You don't see what I am accomplishing as you trusting me with all these details of your upcoming trip, or My hand upon your son who about to go off to college, or my wisdom for your children's school curriculum next year. But you're not stepping off a cliff here. Step into Me."