Divine Touch

My youngest child brought me a box to close. He couldn't get the latch to close and not for lack of trying. He had tried and tried, but it wasn't moving. And, more importantly, he could see what needed to be accomplished, but no matter how much he tried, he was not going to get it closed.

So he did what any child would do.

He ran to Mom (picture Dad though, it makes the story connections better)

He handed it over . . .

To the one, who could secure the latch,
without trouble, without strain

He simply gave it over

He wasn't grabbing it back

Or giving me his input on how to do it better

There was full release on his part

Oh - so much to realize in one simple exchange. I'm blown away. That still small voice that I could push away. But this was too obvious when I stopped my thoughts to listen.

While my heavenly Father may not always seem quick to solve my dilemma, I must have full release. Especially when I see what "it" is supposed to look like, but doesn't, yet. Whatever my "it" is for the moment. Whether life-changing or trivial, He is there, waiting for my cry, waiting to help, waiting for the smile on my face when He hands it back - fixed.


Frost said…
Whoa Kim this is so precious. It makes me want to go to God even more ;)