A Great Must

A great must dominated the life of the son of man.

We might sin with our mouth but when we are silent, we rob Him of His glory.

When you put these two quotes by Francis J Roberts together, they make a pretty strong message about the importance of praising the Lord. Not just in worship music, a singing voice, dance, or writing, but in everything I say and do. Including every opportunity to share with someone that a particular situation in my life has no explanation other than God.

Yet, how often I have forgotten what I have been delivered from? How often I have robbed Him of His glory by my silence? Too often, I'm afraid to say.

Recently my friend wrote a message about serenading the Lord. A serenade means a complimentary performance given to honor or express love for someone. This was the same day God impressed this upon my heart from Psalm 54: Save me, O God, by Your name, and vindicate my by Your strength. . . . Behold, God is my helper . . . I will freely sacrifice to you. I will praise Your name, O Lord, for it is good. For He has delivered me!

Lord, I pray that I would just say so, that I would not write anything off as some cosmic coincidence, nor cower back in the corner, giving in to the fear of man with my silence.

So this is why I must write . . . and sing and dance, but mostly write . . . a great must dominates my life.