Choose Life whatever the Cost

My sense of efficiency costs me. I THINK it just irritates me, but today I realize again and more, that it costs me. In the natural today, it would have "cost" me my iPod. But what might my sense of efficiency cost me in the kingdom of God - the spiritual realm.

Here's the story. You see, I had mistakenly thrown my iPod away. The tiny little iPod shuffle that is a great size for running, had gotten stuck to some duct tape I was throwing away. And my mind was elsewhere. I didn't realize it was missing until this morning when I sat down to listen to a worship song. Throughout the morning, retracing my steps, I looked everywhere! Since it was not in the usual place, I realized I must have mistakenly put it down somewhere with something else - but it was nowhere to be found.

Where was the last place I had seen it or when had I last used it? On the table outside by the wadded up duct tape . . . OH NO . . . the duct tape that I threw in the trash. The trash that was filling up in the kitchen . . . the trash that I was going to take out this morning to get it in the bin before the garbage truck came . . . the trash bag that actually never made it before the trash man came because I wasn't efficient. I wasn't "on top of things" this morning (and frustrated with myself for it too if I might add)! So now it was in the bag that was all alone in the can AFTER the garbage truck had came and went. All because I wasn't efficient and had missed getting it in there this a.m. HOW GLAD I AM THAT I MISSED THAT! How many times can I say that ...

Lord, let my schedule be only what is only your schedule - your timing . . . how often my timing seems like HERE & NOW is the best way and your way is SO MUCH BETTER. You call me to choose life. And the bonus . . . I still have my iPod :-)

Then I found this quote that I had to post on the dashboard in my car, on my mirror, and anywhere else I would read and be reminded to CHOOSE LIFE!

By His grace, seize your opportunities everyday to CHOOSE LIFE, to BE LIFE, to GIVE LIFE. Choose against what distracts you, confuses you, and puts in jeopardy the LIFE of the Beloved in You. Choose to live LIFE from the loving heart of your Father. You Are Blessed by Sylvia Gunter