Just one Taste

Taste and see that the Lord is good. Psalm 34:8

My friend brought me some much needed coffee the other morning. This was not just any coffee either! It was flavored with the most delicious creamer I have ever tasted: Belgian White Chocolate Macadamia. She told me how wonderful it was, but of course I would have to taste it to believe it. And one taste just wasn't enough.

Just one taste and you can't stop thinking about it. Just one taste and you're craving more. Just one taste and nothing else compares. Oh, I tried MY flavored coffee with MY flavored creamer the next day and the next but it didn't do justice to that ONE.

So that's got me thinking. Coffee and Jesus. Quite a correlation, but hang with me. Isn't that what He said? Taste and see. I have tasted (tried, experienced) and I have seen (understood, learned, have knowledge of). But what gets at me is how often I try to fill that longing with something else. Not necessarily "bad" things either - things "good" in and of themselves. But nothing else, nor anyone else, satisfies like the real thing!


Unknown said…
Oh my friend, I so remember that day. I also recall that you couldn't get enough of the coffee, so we stood in the parking lot for a few minutes so you could "chug" some more of the good stuff - not wanting to waste and all.

Ahh if only we can remember to drink in all that Jesus is doing in our life, take a second and "chug" as much as we can for that life experience, before the flavor (circumstances) changes yet again. Ahh to be content with where the Lord has us now and to enjoy that flavor while it is still at hand.

Love ya Sis!
Unknown said…
Oh I love the coffee and Jesus comparison! I'm a fan of both! :) Taste and see that the Lord is good indeed!