Staying by Your Side

I was reading through SOLO devotional today; the title was "Staying with God" and the verse was Psalm 27. At the end, two questions were posed:

1. When are you tempted to quit on God?
2. What keeps you from running from Him?

Start with number one. Simple answer really. When am I tempted to quit on God? Quit hoping in His unfailing love and character. Quit trusting in His unending promises. Sounds silly, but how often I find my self quitting. And here's the simple answer. It is when I am looking at myself. At me and what I have to bring to this equation. It seems like not nearly enough. I have nothing.

Question number two. What keeps me from running from Him? Why do I not leave? Why do I cling to Him? When I look at Him, I see:

His grace
His love
His mercy

His beauty
His glory

Your patience
Your kindness
Your goodness
Your undying love
burns an eternal flame

And it pulls me
It draws me
back to You

So I'm staying,
by your side
There no need to run and hide

I'm staying,
by Your side
My God, You do provide

And guide me down the path,
where You would have me go
Help me live the life,
it's You I want to know


Unknown said…
Such thanksgiving keeps us close and wanting to even know Him more