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The Perfect View

Interesting title for an obviously NOT perfect view of the sunset the other night.

Of course, I was out "chasing sunsets" as my husband would say.

But I wasn't chasing them.

I think they chase me.

It's one of the ways God speaks to me ....

Actually I was out doing errands, being intentionally SLOW, not being in a hurry in case there was something to see.

And sure enough, as I pulled into the parking lot at the post office, I glanced over to see this beautiful view. I couldn't wait to get out and get a photo of it. All I had with me was the camera on my iPhone. I got out of the car to get that perfect shot before heading in . . . 

and was so bummed that the power lines ruined my sunset shot!

Or so I thought.

Truth is I needed that "imperfect shot" to write this blog, for Him to speak to me . . . what would there have been to say if it had not been for the power lines in the way?

Oh, it would have been a beautiful picture of the sunset - shouting out the glory…

Open the Door

"I ask Him to strengthen you by his Spirit - not a brute strength but a glorious inner strength - that Christ will live in you as you open the door and invite Him in."                                    -Ephesians 3:16 &17a MSG

A question has been asked lately. The words came from someone else besides our pastor and he was quick to acknowledge that. But the Lord Jesus originally asked the question, and the question remains:

Have you learned to love?

This passage in Ephesians 3:7-21 is about Christ's extravagant love. Exceeding the limits of reason or necessity, more than necessity . . .

Lavish - marked by profusion or excess, expended in abundance (comes from the Middle English laves or lavage, which seems to be from the Middle French lavasse, lavache which means downpour of rain, or laver which means to wash).

I don't think you can learn to love until you know His love. I mean know it by experience. Not just recite verses. Or talk about it. Or study it. But you have…

What's In Your . . .

-from October 18, 2011

No. This is not the Capitol One commercial.

What's in your

... heart?

HOW he gets to the answer is the amazing part.

Here I am.

New house.

New city.
New group of gals.
Same me.
But I felt so . . .

As if I was holding up a mirror to each one and trying to find myself in the reflection.
And some things were not matching up.
Such difference.
And yet such similarities.
For we are all created in His image, to bear His reflection and likeness. When I hold up the mirror and don't like what I see, I'm not holding up the proper mirror. This is what I felt tonight as I met a group of new women, I find myself holding up a mirror of myself to each of them and comparing myself to them. . . feeling like I am not measuring up in whatever aspect of them seems so different or different ideals. Then He assures me that I have held up the wrong mirror . . .  the one I should be holding up is the mirror that shows that I was made in His image…

The Voice of Truth

-from May 2011

PS For those of you who read this before I realized I had left all this unedited junk at the end, I apologize. That's what I get for posting so late at night ;-)

Why do I hit the override button on hearing God's voice? For years I have prayed to hear Him and talk with Him . . . and as it began to become a daily reality that yes, God loves to talk with me, I was so excited! And today, I hear His voice, and he beckons like He did long ago "Today, if you hear my voice, do not harden your heart."

Yet from time to time, I question.

The Voice of Truth.

Deception comes in,
just like it did at the fall of man
. . . "did God really say?"

Last week while I was jogging and praying, thinking about our upcoming move and thanking Him for finding a townhouse, I heard, "That is nice, but it's not my best for you." He was talking about the townhouse that we had put an application in with a great commute and ample space for our family.

Sure, in our dre…

God Can Handle You


Are you sure?

I have seen me lately.

I have seen what lies deep inside my heart.

But why do I think He doesn't?

What God spoke to me through this SOLO devotional entitled "God Can Handle You" and my friend's blog is that being real about my feelings makes me feel vulnerable. And I don't like that feeling. I have this "strong woman" attitude that I picked up through the trials of life. Yet, He gently whispers, "Lay it down - I've got you."

Job was honest withGod and aboutGod; his friends were not. Job had the passionate relationship with God rather than a dutiful one. Being honest with God means negative emotions. And guess what? God can handle my negative emotions (even when I can't).

After a little pity party for myself the other day, I was telling God how upset I was about a certain someone, saying they are sorry but no actions to back it up. "How many times?" I thought, along with "I don't want to hear '…

Taking out the trash . . .

Unusual title? Yes.Weekly chore/task? Yes.
Enjoyable? Not in the least.
Necessary? Oh, so very.

Spiritual connotations/connections? You bet! (or as they say in Minnesota "You betcha!)

We just moved in. Got the boxes unpacked. Okay, they are at least dumped out and piles of junk are getting transferred to their new resting spot. The kids have been cleaning out and so have I. And I am amazed at all the junk we have carried around ... some of it for years. Some of it just silly McDonald's toys or things you think you'll need later.

So I got up earlier than normal to get the trash out on time last week. It took awhile to get the six bags plus the canister nicely lined up before the garbage man shows up at 7 a.m. And what a relief that was - gone was the trash, the clutter, the junk.

And I'm thinking - what kind of trash/junk have I been carrying around in my heart? You know, the stuff that comes out in the daily living of life, sometimes when you least expect it. Some of it I h…

Butterfly Gifts - More than Good Enough

The elusive Monarch butterfly. I say elusive because he won't let me get a picture of him. (So I had to put a picture of the Guam butterfly.) But he has been around lately. At the most God-incidence of times . . . to remind me of His precious promises to me.
#1 Moving in day - no moving trucks loaded with our stuff to put in the house, but it was the first time to see the house (and move in the luggage). The townhouse that God had opened up for us hours after the one that was GOOD ENOUGH fell through. This one had everything we wanted in a townhouse. What should happen to be fluttering about in our front bushes?
#2 Pick up our new Puppy day - as we walk to the door to pick up the puppy - the birthday present that keeps on giving because it came so early . . . and there it is - the butterfly.
#3 And yesterday . . . we had gone to a cabin for the Labor Day weekend, or at least most of it. Summer is winding down and that's a whole other blog ;-) Anyway, the dog had a rough night and…

Seasons . . . time for change

Change. But I just got this figured out. I don't want to have to figure out something new. The maps "app" on my iPhone and I had become good friends. I knew how she worked. Granted she didn't talk to me like "Susan," our beloved nickname for the voice of my husband's fancy GPS app, but we had a thing going. I realized something was lacking though. In a place this size with streets overlapping and winding around like a wadded up ball of yarn, I needed someone to talk me through the directions. I couldn't just look down every now and then. And besides, half the time it just didn't make sense because I didn't have the back ground information; I couldn't see what the map knows but didn't tell me. Like "Turn left and stay in the left lane." "Stay right for 1/4 mile." But "Susan" knows all that. So my hubby downloaded her to my phone yesterday and today I was trying it out. I was going somewhere I had been sev…