Taking out the trash . . .

Unusual title? Yes.
Weekly chore/task? Yes.
Enjoyable? Not in the least.
Necessary? Oh, so very.

Spiritual connotations/connections? You bet! (or as they say in Minnesota "You betcha!)

We just moved in. Got the boxes unpacked. Okay, they are at least dumped out and piles of junk are getting transferred to their new resting spot. The kids have been cleaning out and so have I. And I am amazed at all the junk we have carried around ... some of it for years. Some of it just silly McDonald's toys or things you think you'll need later.

So I got up earlier than normal to get the trash out on time last week. It took awhile to get the six bags plus the canister nicely lined up before the garbage man shows up at 7 a.m. And what a relief that was - gone was the trash, the clutter, the junk.

And I'm thinking - what kind of trash/junk have I been carrying around in my heart? You know, the stuff that comes out in the daily living of life, sometimes when you least expect it. Some of it I have been holding onto for years with no need to, certain attitudes and thoughts. Some of these are just trivial stuff like the McDonald's toys, but good grief - they are taking up space! Some things I thought were important, or that I would need some day. And some of the trash is made up of worries and concerns or cares.

He asks me to lay it down. To take it to the curbside and say "Adios." Because once that trash has been hauled away, you're not getting it back. And trust me, I wouldn't want it back. After all, He is my Good Shepherd and He knows His sheep. Plus, sheep don't determine their own well-being; they don't need to think about anything other than following the Shepherd, let alone haul trash around.

I'm calling you, My people, to remove the garbage and take out the trash. But, I am speaking to you spiritually that you must consider and remove whatever has been an offense to your spirit and caused defilement of your spiritual environment. Look for attitudes and motivations that are not pleasing in My sight, says the Lord, and make adjustments where necessary. I will guide you in this process, for it is My desire to lead you to complete freedom from bitterness and ungodliness. I am speaking to you, beloved. Don't ignore your responsibility to look at yourself and not others in this regard. -Marsha Burns in Spirit of Prophecy