The Voice of Truth

-from May 2011

PS For those of you who read this before I realized I had left all this unedited junk at the end, I apologize. That's what I get for posting so late at night ;-)

Why do I hit the override button on hearing God's voice? For years I have prayed to hear Him and talk with Him . . . and as it began to become a daily reality that yes, God loves to talk with me, I was so excited! And today, I hear His voice, and he beckons like He did long ago "Today, if you hear my voice, do not harden your heart."

Yet from time to time, I question.

The Voice of Truth.

Deception comes in,
just like it did at the fall of man
. . . "did God really say?"

Last week while I was jogging and praying, thinking about our upcoming move and thanking Him for finding a townhouse, I heard, "That is nice, but it's not my best for you." He was talking about the townhouse that we had put an application in with a great commute and ample space for our family.

Sure, in our dream world, it was missing a little - community amenities (park, pool, space to play outside, trails, playgrounds, tennis courts), and a backyard that didn't look into the neighbor's townhouse, but instead backed up to the woods or something like that. But, hey this townhouse was pretty nice and you couldn't beat the commute.

So that message didn't seem to fit as all was going ahead with turning in the application and having the lease about to be sent to us for signing . . . until today.

Why didn't I trust the Voice of Truth?

But I must say, looking back, the Voice of Truth gave me peace. I know that when that call came and I had to tell my hubby and the kiddos, who were disappointed, that someone else had already rented the townhouse - their paperwork got sent to the wrong place causing a delay, that when God closes one door, he has something else and BETTER in mind . . . and he so did! That was not God's best for us.

So I hop on the Internet, looking up new options. I find a listing freshly posted 5 hours ago and do the quick math regarding the time change from Guam to the East Coast so I don't wake someone up in the wee hours of the morning. Yes, it's available, we're the first caller. His best for us. I best be listening to the Voice of Truth. 

From The Message: REMIX Solo Devotional, "His energy is rising and in response to a tough situation, he is letting it drive him to God."

From Psalm 53 in the Message version, "He's looking for the one who is God-expectant, God-ready."

From Make Haste by FJ Roberts: "When you listen to me in any circumstance, I will bring light and understanding...I will bring peace...and bring into focus the TRUTH that will set you free."

From Make Haste by FJ Roberts: "to doubt is to ignore My presence, not reckon on My power but on your own resources, which makes you aware of you limits, and you feel failure and that is the atmosphere that precludes operation of omnipotence."

Other instances happened within the last few weeks. I desperately needed to talk to the kids' pediatrician and resolve some issues; getting through by phone was not going to happen. So as I'm driving by the clinic, I think about pulling in. But then the reality. It's 5:10 p.m and the clinic is closed. Yet, I park in the lot and walk to the door - still not believing my actions. Someone happens to be coming out and lets me in. I walk back to the office and wait around at the desk because I hear people talking and I know someone who works in the office is still there. Sure enough, she (the pediatrician) just got out of a meeting and wanders down the hall, and we talk.

One last one: All day long, my friend came to mind - more than the just thinking of you thing. It was persistant. I left her messages on home and cell phones because I had this burning question I felt I needed to ask her. "What do you need?" That was what I was supposed to ask her. "Really, God? Okay . . . . You're on and I've been a little 'off.'"

So the next day, my friend and I finally catch up . . . wonderful! And before we hang up, I tell her I have a question for her. Even though it may sound a little strange, I feel compelled to ask.

"What do you need?"

I tell her to tell me whatever comes to mind, whether for today or yesterday. "That's funny," she says, "Just yesterday I was thinking I really need someone to be real in my life right now, because I feel like I'm DONE!"

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness in me.

From Make Haste by FJ Roberts "I have surprises waiting for you which you need My guidance not to miss..."