Bottomless Love

The french fries at Red Robin are delicious!

And they are something else.


"What does that mean?" My youngest asks . . .

I can see the wheels turning in his head.

"They would just keep bringing them - as much as you want?"




"Oh the guy on Man vs. Food should come here. That would be a challenge!"

It's got me thinking.

Not about fries.

But something that you can never get enough of.

Something overwhelming.

And the source of overwhelming.



Bottomless, overwhelming love - our world knows it not.

And neither do we, if we just look around instead of up.

His love for us - bottomless.

Words have been penned, trying to describe this bottomless, unfathomable love.

"Your love never fails,
never gives up,
never runs out on me" -Jesus Culture's "One Thing Remains"

"lacking a bottom;
immeasurably deep;
difficult or impossible to understand, unfathomable;
having no limitations or bounds."

Just yesterday (or today depending on where you live), James Cameron went to the bottom.

The bottom of what we know.

Seven miles deep into the depths of the Marinas Trench.

Two hours of diving down.

I am perplexed.



Because that is a loooong way down.

To the bottom.

And God's love is deeper than that!

His love for me.

His love for you.

This perfect love.

The love that knows how to love us.


He is not afraid of how to love you and treasure you.

And that is unfathomable.