One week

One week, changes everything . . .

One weak, changes everything. 

One weak, changes everything.


One who is weak, changes everything. 

Our oldest came home from college for the summer a week ago. Amazing how in one week, everything changes; from needing more groceries on the practical side to the adjustments family dynamics on the emotional side.

The needles on the tree outside - such growth in one week.

And as I muttered that comment to myself, but realized it was God speaking to my heart, the second part came:

Yes, Kim, 'One weak, changes everything.'

A question was posed in my study of David strengthening himself in the Lord the other day,

"Are you more impressed with your problems or lack or resources OR with the ability of God? Are you desperate and distressed enough to tell God 'I give up. I can't do it!'?" -Sylvia Gunter In His Presence II

And I realized that all these mountains looming in front of me, these things distressing me (causing anxiety, sorrow, or pain in); yes, I have been way more impressed with them! Mountains of despair, of schedules and timing, of situations way out of my control, of medical issues, job future, school decisions. And I came to the place where I was literally saying out loud to Him, days before reading this, "I give up. I can't do! I need you Jesus to come and show yourself strong because I wanted to do this and that and be this and that, but I don't have it in me." 

He asked me on Sunday,
Have you forgotten? I Am the God of Hope.
Have you forgotten? I Am the God who makes all things new.

"When I am dry you are my fountain,
When I am weak, you are my strength
When I need faith, you move the mountains,
To stay alive I need you
You're my everything."                    -Awaken Wells "My Everything"

My prayer is that this weak reed will vibrate gratefulness, producing a beautiful sound to You (a reed is a tall, slender-leaved plant of the grass family that grown in water or on marshy ground; also, a thin strip of material which vibrates to produce a sound on a muscial instrument).

The promise that preserves my life: Is. 42:3 NLT He will not crush the weakest reed or put out a flickering candle.