My Eye is On You

All it takes is one moment.

Face to face.

One moment.

One touch.

That's all it takes to turn me to You, Jesus.

To turn my heart connection to my Lord.

There are no prerequisites.

Not "I have to get clean first" because honestly I am not capable of cleaning up the mess myself or getting perfect. Or having to figure it all out (yes, I like to try to do that too)!

But just me saying "Here I am. I I want to be connected with you."

Just turn and look into those eyes.

Of the One who says "My loving eye is on you."

He's watching.

He's waiting.

A couple songs come to mind. The first is a country song, but the last line rings so true of Jesus - knowing that forever He's all mine. The second a song from a group at church.

"...ain't it wild what a little flame
can make you wanna do?

I melt,

every time you look at me that way.

It never fails.


any place

This burning me,
is the coolest thing I've ever felt.

I melt.

...What's even better is knowing that forever you're all mine." -Rascal Flatts "I Melt"

"My heart stops, when you enter the room

all my affection is turned towards you.

just one look

is all it takes

to be mesmerized

just one look into that face

is all it takes

to be forever changed"                -Awaken Wells "Mesmerized"

Sylvia Gunter says,

"If you lose your connection with his face, you lose your orientation. He is your true north. In finding out where you are and where you are going, orientation is everything. God has written the treasure map of your life, the way to the gold, so let him be the marker that says 'You are here.' At times that may be all he will give you, just the witness that 'I am here.' He won't let you see the whole map, but he knows the place in time meant only for you and found by you only at that moment. He inhabits that place and that moment. Wait on him to interpret it and lead you there."