Lost without Your Light

A few weeks ago, when the weather was still summer and the boys were outside in flip-flops and shorts, my son lost his shoe.

Too busy swinging away at twilight with not a care in the world.

Spending time seeing how much daylight could be squeezed out of the day 
in the neighborhood playground.

 Off went the flip-flop.

Sailing high into the sky, I am sure.

And then the search.

For now dusk had come and gone.

Boys and flashlights.

An all-out search party.

The out of breath boy runs inside. "We went deep into the woods," he described. "We all had flashlights and we can't find it anywhere."

"It has to be there, and it'll be there in the morning unless some animal would like a smelly old shoe for a home tonight," I reply. "We just can't see it without more light. We'll look in the morning."

The next morning, going outside to look for the shoe was the first priority.
We retraced steps.
He showed me where he was on the swing
and pointed to which way the shoe went flying
and told me how they walked deep into the woods.

But before we could walk deep into the woods, we look down
and there,
in plain daylight,
was the shoe.

"Oh my goodness!" he exclaimed. "I can't believe it was RIGHT HERE and I COULDN'T SEE IT. WE WALKED RIGHT PAST IT!!"

We went back inside and he is still mesmerized by the whole event.

Even his friend, concerned about finding the missing shoe, has his mom send me a text asking if we ever found it. I tell her the story and how we did find it this morning.

I ponder the message here.
In the midst of my day-to-day life.
The message I miss if I don't once again slow down and listen.

Oh - how I need your light, Jesus, to find what it is I'm looking for. To help those who are lost. To find my their way. To find the way I should go. I need your "God said" in my situations, so I can rest assured. Rest assured in You.

Because so it is,
so hidden
so NOT obvious,
when I look on my own.

With my little flashlight.

Trying to make sense of the world,
the year,
the month,
the day,
or even this very hour.

But when I have His light,
brighter than the noon-day sun,
shining on my life,
everything hidden become obvious and clear.

Light is the radical thing in a dark world. - Ann Voskamp