The Protector

A baby goose

alongside his Daddy -

the protector.

The baby sees me coming
and moves one step closer to Daddy.

Daddy - he squawks at me.
There is no way I'm getting any closer to his baby.

The question is:

When it looks like trouble is coming my way,

do I move closer to You

or try to defend myself on my own?

How foolish it would be for the baby geese to try that!

As I press in to You,
so the troubles squeeze in on all sides.

Do I run to my protector
when danger lurks
when troubles surround

Do I move closer to You

or farther from You

because I think I am strong enough?

I will pursue you
I will pursue your presence

Our pastor recently shared a transparent message about his life and learning to live with Jesus as his protector.

What protects you?

Jesus was designed to
He longs to
be your one and only protector.

Not the shame,
nor the fear,
nor the "I'm not worthy."

It's one thing to understand
Because I can understand that You are my protector
But it is a whole other thing to live it out.

So what I am to do?

Run to You.
You are the safe place.
You are greater.
You settle me.

It's time to let go
of the false protectors.