Posture Yourself

The heron.

(at least that's my best guess)

He stands there this morning.

The message.



I'm not really awake yet. I'm jogging around the pond, grateful that the geese are not blocking my path this morning - they are all in the lake.

And I'm painfully aware that I need reminders.

I use my phone to enter in anything I need reminding of. Before the phone, I had sticky notes all over the place - or a long list of "to-do's." Because if I don't write it down, it's most likely not going to happen.

So I shouldn't be surprised that I need a reminder. As if waking me early wasn't reminder enough. And this is how He chooses to remind me.

With a heron.

There is no arguing for me.




By starting the day right.

By posturing myself to hear from Him.

By positioning myself for the purpose of hearing His provision for the day.

My attitude.

My perspective.

I watched this play out over and over again. He doesn't mind that I'm half asleep. It's easy to rationalize the need for sleep, but quite honestly, I need Him and His presence more. The seven to eight hours of sleep can't compete with the strength & grace He gives.

So, when He wakes me up, I pray I will rise.

In the light of the dawn.

In the quiet of the early morning.

To posture myself.

Before Him.

Not that I don't need to keep posturing myself all through the day to hear from Him, nor be so wrapped up in the details of life that I miss His voice. But this is about starting the day right.

One of my favorite verses:

Let the morning bring word of your unfailing love (cause me to hear Your loving kindness), for I have put my trust in You. Show me (cause me to know) where to walk, for to you do I lift up my soul (give myself to you). Psalm 143:8

And I almost laughed out loud.

The way this heron stood there.

Arms open.

Facing the sun.

Soaking in the light.

On the edge of the pond.

Bringing glory to God.

All by posturing himself.