Hope: Can You See the Potential

Can you see it?

Through the dead of winter.

Through the fog that covers like a thick blanket,

Obscuring the view.

These dead leaves.

Brown, drab colors.

It looks as if life has left.

But life is what you can't see right now.

That's what hope is.

What you can't see.

Because if you can see it,
it's not hope.

If it were colorful now,
you would be experiencing it,
not hoping for it.

And that is where I am right now.


Through the deadness.
Waiting for the spring.
Waiting for the colors.
Waiting for the life.

To come forth and be realized.

The potential is there.
Just not seeing the evidence.

And if I could see all this now, it wouldn't be hope.
The boy-man who can't seem to figure out where to go and what to do,
I pray he's figuring it out.
Right here under our roof.
And it's been hard.
And it's been emotionally exhausting.

He has a new life plan.
It just seems to be taking forever
For it to come together.
And what if this is not
What's meant to be.

Some of it will come easily,
The physical tests.
But the rest,
Will be like scaling a rock wall
Of his own will and determination.

And the character traits that I see,
The ones that scare me,
And haunt me,
That make me think
I didn't do a good enough job
Of raising this boy...

It's the lie that flashes its ugly teeth.

Because God has a plan.

It's only winter.

There is hope.

 "The hardship of winter. Even in the winter months, the earth is not completely dormant. The process of life continues." -S. Gunter