Weighted Down

Weighted down.

She feels so weighted down.

Like the trees
that were once covered with snow,
then layered with rain,
and now turned to ice.

The branches hang heavy,
reaching to the ground.

Weighted down.

In the season
of His coming.

He came bringing light
and lightness.

Shining bright.
His load is light.

But she's still
Weighted down.

By the to-do list,
Daily life,
Preparations and plans
And the relationships that are just hard.

And He whispers:





Nothing is too heavy for me to bear.

So she lays them down.
One by one.
The worries.
The fears.
The anxieties.

By declaring He is more than enough.
By living the truth that His grace is sufficient for every need.
By looking into those eyes,
Knowing perfect love.
It's like taking a deep breath of fresh air.

She can breath light again.

And with each load lifted.
Her heart is lighter.
Her countenance brighter.
Her joy returns.