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There's always a story

Just like a good story
doesn't always start at the beginning,
it picks a point and begs the question.

How did you get here?
Where did you come from?

What was the path?
The journey that led you here?

You have to have perspective to know where you are. And sometimes to figure out where you are going.

True north.

That brings perspective.

Which way to go?

"Set your course by My promises," FJR reminds in Come Away my Beloved.

His promises are my perspective.

My true north.

I'm on a journey.

A path uniquely designed by God for me.

And my life is a story.

The story He is writing.

When I get frustrated with all the twists and turns on the path,
I hope to remember:

What's the point of a story, if not for the problems,
the climax,
the resolutions.

What an exciting read!
To see the goodness of God.
To see His hand upon my life.

Because if it was all planned out,
And if I knew the end
way back at the beginning?

I know I couldn't handle it.
And it would be

He is the author.
Of su…


from March 27, 2014

The wisdom of an eleven year old.
As we are driving home from art class.
He was thinking ahead,
about the upcoming event that night,
Getting prepared to test for a new belt in karate.

And he was reviewing in his mind,
all the moves, and
the various stances.
Contemplating what he needed
to be prepared for the test.
He realized and vocalized what he had learned was important.

Thing number one.
Stay focused 100 percent of the time.

Thing number two.
Do your very best.
Give it all you've got.
Crisp, strong moves (even if they aren't the right ones, he would say)
Even when you are exhausted
and think you can't move a muscle.

Thing number three.
Yell loud!
My translation of this phrase: participate fully with your voice.

And Tuesday night and tonight, I watched him do just that.

And I thought about how this translates to the tests that come our way in life. The spiritual battle rages all around. I am in a war. The book I was reading about parenting reminds me …


Inevitably, every Monday,
I wake up
overwhelmed by the "to-do" 
screaming at me.

It's overwhelming.
The things that need to be done.
One thing gets accomplished, checked off 
and there are two more to take its place.


Be overwhelmed by Me!

The truth is, that if I don't live life overwhelmed by You,
the Overwhelming One, I will be overwhelmed by any and every thing else that comes my way.

This is what Kari Jobe sings about overwhelming

"The more I seek you, the more I find you. The more I find you, the more I love you. I melt in your peace. It's overwhelming."
Not just a touch, nor just a splash as of water,
but overwhelming waves of love.

How different daily life would be,
if I woke up
Overwhelmed by You,
The Overwhelming One.

I wouldn't be so overwhelmed
by tasks, chores, by people, or by my own lack and need.
I would be overwhelmed,
covered over completely,
and overthrown
by You.

I'm needing this course correction, to wake up overwhelmed by you. Taking moment b…