from March 27, 2014

The wisdom of an eleven year old.
As we are driving home from art class.
He was thinking ahead,
about the upcoming event that night,
Getting prepared to test for a new belt in karate.

And he was reviewing in his mind,
all the moves, and
the various stances.
Contemplating what he needed
to be prepared for the test.
He realized and vocalized what he had learned was important.

Thing number one.
Stay focused 100 percent of the time.

Thing number two.
Do your very best.
Give it all you've got.
Crisp, strong moves (even if they aren't the right ones, he would say)
Even when you are exhausted
and think you can't move a muscle.

Thing number three.
Yell loud!
My translation of this phrase: participate fully with your voice.

And Tuesday night and tonight, I watched him do just that.

And I thought about how this translates to the tests that come our way in life. The spiritual battle rages all around. I am in a war. The book I was reading about parenting reminds me to remind myself that I am  in a war, not just in relation to parenting. Life is a testing. Living as a prepared warrior is HOW I should live my life.

Always focused! Not gazing at the problems, but gazing and focusing on God.
Do my best, giving it all I've got, even when it gets tough.
Yell loud. Yell the truth to myself, especially when I'm not feeling it!