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Staying in the Light

The sunlight was peering through trees the other morning as I was jogging around the pond with the crisp cool air surrounding me. The leaves were thinking about changing colors, but not completely sure.

The path was pretty bright in the spots where the sun shone through. Yet it was darker and not illuminated in the shadow
where the sunlight was blocked by the trees.

Stay in the light.

For where the light is, there is life.
You may need to reposition yourself.
While standing in the shadows of the tree, sunlight pokes through and streams around. But it requires you to take a couple steps to the left or to the right to be standing in the light.

Trees of trouble, 
trees of thoughts and doubts,
trees of frustration,
casting shadows, blocking the light.

Move to stay in the light.

I find myself standing in the dark part of the path all too often. 
Positioning again. 
Moving to the light, a couple steps over, is oh so easy, yet oh so difficult. 

Staying in the light looks like standing on the pro…

Grace and the Gold Medal

My youngest son won a gold medal at his karate tournament last weekend. His first tournament and he wins a medal. A gold medal. He was so excited to have that shiny object placed around his neck! 

He entered the tournament and showed up.

There was no competition in his division at his age group. 

He chose to compete a level up for a chance at winning another medal, but he was guaranteed the gold for his division. Just by virtue of showing up.

Reminds me of receiving grace.

The feeling that you didn't earn it, which is true. 

"Grace is the free, undeserved goodness and favor of God to mankind," says Matthew Henry.

There's no formula for grace. This isn't math class where a + b = c. Or, if you do a certain task, then you receive grace. 

There's no rule. If you try hard enough, you receive it. 

You go into the fight, the competition, or the life situation with the readiness and expectation to work hard. You are ready to "give it all you've got" and fight to…

Wandering eyes

When my eyes start to wander As I look around to another
What they are doing?
Where they are going?

I start to lose my step, my way
I'm sinking quick,
please help!

I've wandered off the path
sidetracked by the noise and flashing lights
I've lost sight
of Your face,
and Your eyes

The One who whispers to me
This is the way - walk in it
I am the Way
This is the road I have for you:
Delight in me.

-from July 2014