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Playing Hide n' Seek

I would play Hide n' Seek with you.
I would hide and you would find me.
You would squeal with delight 
  just as the toddler who found their Daddy
  in the hiding spot.

As you grow,
there is still the mystery of Hide n' Seek,
the delight of finding Me,
hiding in easy places
or in the very last spot you could think to look.

I am everywhere,
Hidden in every nook and cranny of your life.

You scurry off to find Me
just as your dog enjoys the chase,
the thrill, and
the excitement
of finding you!

I never tire of hiding Myself
to be found by you.
Day by day,
hour by hour
minute by minute.

There won't be a single time that 
you don't find Me 
because you are always seeking
and I will be found by You!

When you search for Me with all you heart, you will seek Me and find Me.  Jeremiah 29:13 & Deuteronomy 4:29

The Victory Lap

(Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation) Race for the Cure

I saw it on their website
one day, 
way back in the spring,
when you were 
in the beginning of the shock of it all:
the diagnosis,
the first treatments,
and no taste left,
tiredness and weakness
in your very active body,
which wasn't used to feeling that way. 
If anyone is the energizer bunny, 
it's you.

That day, I made a vow to myself
to run this race
FOR you
because I thought that come November, 
the way treatment was scheduled,
you would be too weak to run.

The race I thought I was crazy to run.
No team of family or of friends to join.
I hadn't even done any fundraising.
Standing there about to begin,
wondering what I had to prove,
what statement I was trying to make.

Because here you are Dad,
on the other side of MM now
the remission side.
But back in the spring, 
we didn't know we would be here so quickly!

So the race became the victory lap,
like at NASCAR.
The thanksgiving race,
The race of honor,
to celebrate the victo…