The Invasion of Light

This beautiful lady starts the painting with a dark, black canvas. And we sit, mesmerized, as she transforms this dark background into a picture of beauty and light. 

"You have to see the dark as a back drop enabling you to see how bright the light is," she encourages us, talking of a dark time in her life. The darkest. And how God spoke to her. 

You Lord, keep my lamp burning, my God turns my darkness into light. Psalms  18:28

I've been thinking about this; how dark it seems in life. Walking through some situations that seem like they

That I'm in the proverbial tunnel and I don't see the light at the end.

But now, many, many months later.

I see a glimmer of it.

I'm starting to see how much brighter it is.
All because it was so dark.

He spoke to me the other day:

"Let me invade your life"

Your light invades my darkness
Your love invades my sadness and aching heart
It takes over
  blinding light
Invade - such a powerful word
  to enter for conquest; to permeate.

Let me.
Allow me.
Open the door to Me
and let My light
invade your life.

"Let the Light" by Stephany Gretzinger

©Bob Ross