The Lower You Go

There it was. 
Confirmed in black and white.
The words of an article about the power of perspective in photography. How perspective changes everything when trying to capture a scene, a person, or an event. How you have to move if you want to change your perspective. 

Little did they know the revelation of the power of perspective in life. 
In relating to those around me; involving my attitude, my thoughts, my actions, my heart. 

"Perspective influences a viewer's perception."

They say that shooting up close gives a sense of intimacy and highlights a particular action or detail. Yeah, I need to get close to you to see what's really going on in your life. To get to the heart of the matter.

Shooting wide shows environment. What is this person dealing with today that I can't see because I'm too close, starring at the speck in their eye. Like how rudely someone spoke to me, or treated me, but little do I know how distracted they are over bad news or how much pain they are in.

And when you go low for a photo, it simplifies.

The lower you go

The more unique the picture.
From the lower angle,
from that point of view, 
the perspective

The scenery is so much more beautiful to behold.
Colors and textures appear more distinct.

The article goes on - about how you should walk all the way around the scene or an object to find the perfect view. What at first appears ordinary, can be extraordinary by changing your angle.

Shooting down gives a scaled perspective.
When I look from above, 
I've put myself in a place I don't belong,
higher than all the rest.
And nothing has the same beauty
As when I get low 
Bending on one knee
Perched on a rock
Lying on the ground 
or underneath a railing. 

I need to be low
To make Him bigger
To make the beauty all around
so much larger than life.
To live as a child,
in constant wonder 
of my surroundings,
Stopping to admire every little thing.

As Albert Einstein says, living as if everything is a miracle. 

To get the perspective of a child in photography, you have to shoot low and straight.
It makes perfect sense now. 
This humbling as a child
and seeing the way a child sees the world.
Full of wonder.

A miracle.