Let It (them) Go

This is what I'm having to do this season.


It's the only way.

To survive. To thrive. To have abundant life.

The kids went back to public school this fall after four years of homeschooling. Four precious years of spending every day with my kids. I miss them. I truly do. It's bittersweet. And this is not true of everyone, but it is true for us. It was time to let them go back to public school. 



I wanted to fight it. I knew the time was coming. I knew it would be so difficult; feeling like I'm "feeding them to the wolves." Yet all the while, it would be such a joy to watch them shine and have more opportunities than they have had here at home with me. All these emotions swirled around me like a self-induced tornado. At ten days into this new season, the circumstances I knew were inevitable did occur: I don't agree with what is being taught or how things are done. But I know they are grounded and I know they will stand strong and stand for what is right; that it's part of the growing process for them. 

Like the baby bird taking it's first flight. 
Time to spread their wings. 

And honestly, I think it's been harder for me to adjust. The mom sitting back watching this unfold.

So, how?

How do I let them go?

A sweet lady at church was prompted to share this verse with me, "Delight yourself in the Lord." How could she have known! 
It was OUR verse; the verse my husband and I had printed our wedding invitations.

THIS is how I do this letting go thing.

Choosing to delight in the Lord; choosing to bless them and pray with them. Choosing to bring every situation to the Lord. And choosing to:



And this is how He does this letting go thing with me.

As I pull into the back side of the high school to head for the drop off area in the wee early morning hours, an amazing sunrise is staring right back at me! This tangible reminder of His promise that His mercies are new every morning.