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Intentionally Steady

The jog outside in the crisp winter air a couple Monday mornings ago was NOT ideal! That was the week I decided "no more indoor workouts on the elliptical; I want to get outside." I miss the freshness and the beauty of going somewhere when I run, but my path was covered. The sidewalks were still piled high with the snow we got last week. I was so grateful for snow - twice in one week! Right up until the point I realized there was no place to run. Even with a chill still lingering in the air, the temperature was finally warm enough to brave the outdoors. And I was finally over my chest cold. 

By Wednesday, the paths were maybe half clear, but I had to make up a new route, because my favorite, the pond, was ice and snow covered. 

On Friday, I took a route from years ago. In the opposite direction of the pond. It looked clear when I started out, but little did I know the conditions that awaited me.

Sidewalks still snow covered and scattered with patches of ice. 
So I jogged along s…