The Invitation

In a clearing
of a forest,

I thought I was alone.

Then He comes.

The Lion of Judah,

Walking directly to me.
So powerful,
Such love in His eyes.

He waits.

I hesitate.

I read the question in His eyes:
Will you let it all go and come with me?

He walks with Me
While I ponder this proposition.

And then we break off in a run,
with me riding on His back.

Every day, every moment, He is asking me this question. I hear it echo as I get frustrated with things that need to be done, schedules and planning, people's choices, and plans or situations not going efficiently.

Will you come with me?

It's an adventure. It's an unknown. Lay down whatever is hindering me from riding free and without burden. Will you go the way I am going? I am always with you. These circumstances may not change but the 'how' and the response can change WHEN you walk with Me.