Prince of Peace

I sat in silence.
The calm before the storm.

I need all of You.
Whatever you have to give me, 
Whatever you have to show me,
about Your ways,
who You are,
I'm yours.

He approaches.
Looking so small.
And He kneels in front of me,
Head bowed so low that
I can't even see his face.
A satin sash draped over his hands.

The sash lays there
as He presents it to me.
Mine for the taking.
A gift.
An offering.

I can't see what color it is,
nor can I read the words written on it,
yet I know.
The knowing without words.


That was weeks ago. 
Before the swirl of wedding activity.
All the last minutes things, 
and the situations I didn't expect.

The other day, I heard this song by Hillsong UNITED for the first time; I can't let go of some of the lyrics. "My heart a storm...Prince of Peace bursting through the wind...My eyes found you...the Prince of peace found me there...Your light will meet me."

A person.
Not a place, nor a thing.
Ann Voskamp says "a person to abide in." She said she "got wandering and it got loud in my heart and my head and I lost peace."

Not the absence of chaos and trouble
as the world would describe it.

But the presence of calm and tranquil
because fear, chaos and anarchy have been removed.

John Paul Jackson says your feet touch the earth. The earth around you is touched by the peace you carry. When you walk with a lack of fear, chaos, and anarchy; you bring peace to the earth. You have the ability to give what's inside without the distraction of personal circumstances. He says that peace WITH God (relationship) leads to peace OF God; it's a result of the relationship. And with that relationship comes authority. It's something you walk in as opposed to what you do.

Bill Johnson talks about the War of Peace. Almost a contradiction of concepts.

But when you stand between storm and the sun, 
you behold the rainbow.